Is It Safe To Restore Power Wheels?

Restoring power wheels is safe if you restore them properly according to manufacturer instructions. While restoring power wheels, ensure its electrical components are in good condition.

But if you fail to follow the correct guidelines, you may fail to get the required performance. Keep reading and learn the correct way to store power wheels.

Power Wheels

How to Restoring a Power Wheels Ride-On Car – A DIY Method

Follow the simple steps to ensure proper power wheels are restored.

Step 1: Initial Cleaning

Initial Cleaning

Inspect your power wheel for leaves, grease, dirt, and any debris accumulated on it. If there is dust or debris, it needs cleanliness.

Step 2: Thorough Cleaning

Now, start its cleaning to remove debris, dirt, or grease stains. You may need scrubbing or wiping down for its different parts. 

Step 3: Motor Inspection

Motor Inspection

The motor is an essential power wheel component that directly impacts its performance. It needs a thorough inspection to ensure smooth functioning. Remove the screws and bolts to separate the power wheels components until you reach the motor.

Step 4: Motor Continuity Check

Motor Continuity Check

Check the continuity of the motors to ensure they are functioning correctly. Using a continuity tester, verify if the motors have a closed circuit. If there is an “OL” reading, it indicates an open lead, which would indicate a faulty motor.

Step 5: Switch Check

Switch Check

Next, check for the switch to ensure its proper functioning. The switch has three positions, if it is dislocated from the positions, it is faulty. A faulty switch needs replacement.

Step 6: Preparing for Wire Replacement

Check for the wires and replace the broken or burnt wires. Make sure all wires are showing correct conductance.

Step 7: Attaching Spade Terminals

Attach Spade terminals to the exposed wire conductors and connect the terminals correctly.

Step 8: Battery Connection

 Battery Connection

Then, connect the battery to the spade terminals. Make sure you connect them correctly. There should be no loose connection. Ensure you secure the battery to prevent it from moving during operation.

Step 9: Testing and Troubleshooting

Testing and Troubleshooting

Finally, take a test drive and ensure the battery and motor work fine. If there is an issue, troubleshoot it before going on a ride.

How Long do Power Wheels Last?

The power wheels are long-lasting and may last for decades. But its components, such as batteries, have limited life. The power wheel battery usually lasts for 3 years if stored properly.

Is it OK to Leave Power Wheels Outside?

Your power wheels may be damaged if you leave them in an open environment. The rainwater or wetness can harm the electrical components. You may experience different electrical issues in the future. It is better to park it under the roof in a dry place.


Restoring power wheels can save you money and time. But make sure you are restoring them properly. Check for all its components, especially the electrical components, need thorough checking. If you encounter any issue, you must fix it before going on the ride.