Can You Upgrade The Battery In The Power Wheel?

Upgrading your power wheel battery can improve performance and extend playtime. It ensures more power and long-lasting fun for kids. But it is also essential to upgrade the power wheel battery correctly to prevent negative impact. 

Here, I will share helpful details about the power wheel battery upgrade. Stay tuned and explore. 

How do You Upgrade the Power Wheel Battery?

Follow the steps below to upgrade your power wheels battery.

Step1: Check Your Old Battery

 Check your Old battery

Before upgrading the battery, check for the old battery that you want to upgrade to ensure its fault. Remove the old battery from the compartment and connect it to the voltmeter. Make sure its reading is 12V, if it is below 12V, your battery is not good.

Step 2: Shop a New Battery

Shop for the new battery, you have many options to purchase a 12V battery for your power wheels. But always try to get a more powerful battery than the older one for a good experience. 

When you are upgrading, do not upgrade the voltage just try another one in a higher amperage. If you use a higher voltage battery, such as 18V or higher with a 12V motor, it may cause an overheating issue.

Usually, in power wheels, 12V, 9.5Ah batteries are used. I suggest you upgrade it with a new 12V, 12-14Ah battery. I recommend ULTRAMAX NP14-12, 12V 14AH, for your power wheel. It may cost you $30 to $40.

Step 3: Salvage the Battery Connector

If you wish to salvage the original battery connector, carefully remove it using a flathead screwdriver and a hammer. Release the plastic connections gently, then pry off the lid.

Step 4: Remove and Replace the Connector

Remove the connector by prying it out. Then, cut the positive and negative wires as much cable length as possible.

Step 5: Connect the Battery Terminal Connectors

Connect the two battery terminal connectors, one positive and one negative. Ensure the connection is secure. 

Step 6: Connect the New Battery

Then, Connect the new 12-volt battery by attaching its positive and negative connectors properly. Ensure the connection is tight and secure.

Step 7: Charge the New Battery

Charge the New Battery

Plug-in the battery charger into the wall and charge the new battery for approximately 18 hours. This initial charge ensures the battery is ready for use.

Step 8: Test the System

Perform a quick voltage check on the new battery to ensure it’s within the normal working range for a 12-volt motor. It should be around 12 to 14 volts.

Step 9: Reinstall the New Battery

Once the battery is recharged, place it in the battery compartment and test it. Try a ride at different speeds and forward or backward movements to ensure it is working.

How Fast can be My Power Wheel if I Upgrade it From 12V to 18V?

If you upgrade your power wheel battery from 12V to 18V, it may become 50% faster. But make sure you also upgrade the motor to 18V or more, otherwise, it may cause an overheating problem.

Can I use a Different Battery for Power Wheels?

You can use any battery with 12V. But while choosing, make sure its size is compatible with your power wheels compartment.


Upgrading a power wheel battery is a good idea to make your power wheel faster and more consistent. But always upgrade correctly. Ensure you are upgrading your power wheel battery according to your power wheel’s motor. It will not only improve the performance but also prevent your vehicle from overheating issues.