What Happens If You Do Not Charge The Power Wheel Battery For 18 Hours?

A battery, if it does not charge for 18 hours, may last more quickly than the average time, and its lifespan may also reduce. It is better to recharge the battery regularly and properly to ensure smooth functioning. But it may also harm your battery if you charge it for longer hours than recommended. 

I will explore the right way to recharge your power wheel battery for optimum performance. Let’s get started.

How to Charge a Power Wheels in a Safe Way?

How to Charge a Power Wheels in a Safe Way

Charging the power wheels battery is a simple process that needs a little care to ensure your battery’s safety and efficiency.

Step 1: Plug in the Charger Connector

Plug in the Charger Connector

First, locate your charger connector on your power wheels battery. Usually, you can easily identify that connector. Its size is perfectly designed to fit into the battery.

Step 2: Connect Your Battery

Now, carefully plug the charger connector into the battery charging connector. While connecting, ensure that it is connected correctly. It should not be loose, otherwise, it may fail to recharge the battery. 

Step3: Plug into the Power Source

Then, connect your charger plug to the standard wall outlet. Make sure the wall outlet is in good condition. Use the correct extension to ensure your power outlet is working fine if needed.

Step 4: Recharge for Enough Hours

You should recharge the battery according to the recommended hours to ensure it is fully recharged. If you are recharging it for the very first time, then you must recharge it for the recommended hours for good performance. You can read it from the instructions detail. But usually, it is recommended to recharge a power wheel 12V battery for 18 hours to ensure good performance.

For the subsequent charging, recharge your power wheels battery for at least 14 hours or according to manufacturer recommendations.

Step 5: Prevent Overcharging

Charging for enough hours, according to recommendations, is good. But it is not good if you recharge it for longer hours, which may overcharge your battery. If your battery is overcharged, it may damage. You should never recharge your battery for more than 30 hours; it may damage or reduce its lifespan.

Step 6: Disconnect from Power Source

Once the battery is fully recharged, disconnect it from the power outlet. Do it carefully to prevent electrical hazards.

Step 7: Unplug the Charger Connector

Unplug the charger connector

Finally, remove the charger connector from the battery connector. Your battery has been charged, and you can use it.

How Often Do You Charge A Power Wheels Battery?

It depends on use, but if you do not use the power wheels regularly, recharge it at least once every two weeks. Also, ensure your battery is fully charged before using it on your power wheels.

How Long Does the Power Wheel Battery Charge Last?

The time of a power wheel battery can vary depending on the terrain’s condition and speed. However, on average, a 12V power wheel battery can last 45 minutes to 90 minutes.


Proper charging ensures smooth functioning and long life of your power wheel battery. Recharging your power wheels battery for 18 hours is essential when you charge it for the first. Otherwise, it may quickly drain, or its lifespan may be reduced. So, always take care of your battery while charging to ensure its good health.