Does The Power Wheel Battery Need To Be Maintained Regularly?

The battery is an essential component in the power wheel. It needs proper care and maintenance for excellent performance and longevity. Neglecting to maintain the battery can reduce the battery life and make performance unsatisfactory. Stay tuned, I will guide you with ideas to maintain your power wheels battery.

How to Maintain A Power Wheel Battery – 5 Easy Step

Follow these simple steps to keep the battery healthy for your child’s ride-on.

1. The Initial Charge

The Initial Charge

The initial charge is very important for a new battery. Before using the battery, it is essential to charge it properly. Otherwise, you may fail to get optimum performance for the first ride or onwards. When buying a new battery, charge it fully according to recommendations by the manufacturer.

Usually, the battery is suggested to charge the new battery for 8-12 hours. However, it is better to read the recommendation for your battery. Never use the battery until it is fully charged.

2. Always charge fully before Use

Always charge the battery at full before use. Otherwise, it may be quickly lost. The battery ensures maximum performance only when fully charged. Avoid merely charging the battery, it can damage the cells and may reduce the lifespan.

3. Never let the battery die completely

Never let the battery die completely. If the battery dies, it can deteriorate faster. So always take care and recharge the battery before dying. It is good to recharge the battery when you notice your power wheel is slowing down.

4. Charge the battery after every 2-3 weeks

Charge the battery after every 2-3 weeks

Charge your power wheels battery every 2 or a maximum of 3 weeks even if you do not use it. It will help to maintain its health.

Before storing the battery, make sure it is fully charged. A dead battery, especially an acid lead battery, can become permanently dead if left for a few months.

5. Store safely

Always store the battery in a dry and moderate environment. Avoid leaving your power wheel outside or in the rain. 

Furthermore, disconnect its positive terminal before storing the battery to prevent it from draining quickly.

Do Power Wheel Batteries Expire?

The power wheel battery can expire if it remains unused for more than the recommended time. It can affect its different parts and can make it low performing. The expiry life of a battery can vary. Usually, the batteries last one to three years.

Is It OK to Use Expired Batteries?

Expired batteries are not dead batteries. You can use them even if their date expires. If the batteries are stored carefully, they may be in good condition. But it is better to avoid it because there is a maximum chance that the expired battery’s performance may be less satisfactory than the others.


The power wheels battery are supposed to be reliable. They offer excellent performance. But they need proper care and maintenance. If you deal with them poorly, they may become less performing or useless before their average life. So, take a good quality compatible battery and take it’s best care to make it long-lasting.