Power Wheels Battery Not Charging: How To Diagnose The Problem?

The power wheels are a source of endless joy for kids, but their performance is directly connected to the battery’s performance. If their battery fails to charge, it can lead to disappointment. It may happen due to an issue with the charger or battery itself. So, before replacement, make sure where the issue is. 

In this guide, I will walk you through the process of diagnosing the problem step by step. Stay here and explore.

Power Wheels Battery not Charging- How to Identify Problem [ Step by Step Guide]

Things You Need:

You only need the voltmeter to diagnose the issue when your power wheels battery is not charging. You can buy it locally. It may cost you between $10 to $15. For accuracy, I recommend Etekcity Digital Multimeter for your power wheels.

Step 1: Test the Charger Output

Test the Charger Output

Start with testing the charger. To test the power wheels charger, follow the steps below.

  • Plug the charger into a power source
  • Then, set the voltmeter to the 20 DC side
  • Connect charger terminals to the voltmeter. Connect the voltmeter’s negative lead to the charger’s negative terminal and the positive lead to the charger’s positive terminal. 
  • Now check the readings on the voltmeter screen. It should be slightly higher than 6V if you have a 6V charger. But if you have a 12V charger, it should be between 13.5 to 14 volts. 
  • But if readings are lower than these values, you have an issue with your charger. You will need a charger replacement. 

Step 2: Test the Battery

Test the Battery

Usually, the power wheels chargers are considered “ dumb chargers”. They can charge any of the batteries. But if the battery voltage is too low, the charger may be unable to do its job. Follow the steps below to test the power wheels battery.

  • Connect your battery with the voltmeter. Connect its negative terminal to the voltmeter’s negative lead and positive terminal to positive lead.
  • Now check the reading on the voltmeter screen. 
  • If your battery is 12V, then the reading on the voltmeter should be 10.5V or above. 
  • But for a 6V battery, reading above 5 volts is a good sign.
  • If the readings are lower than these values, you have an issue with your power wheels battery. For consistent performance, replace the battery. 


1. Why is My New Battery Not Charging Even Though It’s Plugged in?

Your new power wheels battery may not be charging due to a problem with the charger. But if the charger is also okay, ensure it is not loosely connected. A loosely connected charger may also fail to supply power to charge the battery.

2. How can I Identify My Power Wheels Battery is Bad?

If your power wheels battery’s voltage drops but fuses or circuit breakers are fine, your battery may be bad. 


When your power wheels battery has a charging issue, it is essential to follow the right approach to identify the problem. Check for both the charger and battery to identify the problem correctly. Once the problem is identified, replace the charger or the battery as needed. It saves time and cost for you.