How Do I Revive A Dead Power Wheel Battery?

Reviving a dead power wheel battery can save you money and deliver hours of fun for your kids. Remove the dead battery and disconnect the wires attached to the terminals. Remove its upper cover and fuse holder and replace it with an upgraded but compatible battery. Recharge and use the new battery. 

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Revive a Dead Power Wheel Battery- [ Step-by-Step Guide]

Revive a Dead Power Wheel Battery- [ Step-by-Step Guide]

Reviving a dead power wheel battery is a simple process. Follow the simple instructions below and revive your dead battery.

Step 1: Remove the Old Battery

Remove the Old Battery cover

First, access to the battery compartment. Remove the cover and then unscrew the screws holding the battery. After removing the screws, carefully remove the battery. Do not be in too hurry, ensure you do not damage the nearby components.

Step 2: Disconnect Wires

Disconnect Wires

The battery is connected to the power wheels’ electrical parts through wires. Then disconnect the wires, first the positive wire and then the negative one. Usually, a positive wire is white, and a negative wire is black.

Step 3: Install Inline Fuse Holder

Install Inline Fuse Holder

Then, take an inline fuse holder. I recommend you Nilight Inline Fuse Holder with a 20 amp fuse. Attach the fuse holder to the positive wire. Use crimping tools to secure the connection properly.

Step 4: Attach New Battery

Now, obtain a replacement battery. But make sure its voltage is the same as the previous one. Also, ensure that its size should be compatible with the battery compartment. Connect the white (positive) and black (negative) wires to the new battery.

Step 5: Recharge the New Battery

Recharge the New Battery

Put your new battery on charging. Connect it to the charger and ensure it is properly connected and charging. Let it be for recommended hours. Usually, new batteries take 6 to 8 hours to be full. 

Step 6: Connect the battery to the Power Wheels

Once the new battery is charged, connect the inline fuse holder to the Power Wheels. Attach the positive wire to the corresponding terminal on the Power Wheels and the negative wire to its terminal.

Step 7: Test Power Wheels

Before starting a new ride, take a test ride to ensure the battery is working okay. Test the Power Wheels: Turn on the Power Wheels and ensure it runs smoothly with the new battery.


Why did the Power Wheel Battery Go Dead?

Why did the Power Wheel Battery Go Dead

There can be several reasons for a dead battery. But some of the most common causes for a dead battery can be headlights or interior lights being left on. Exposure to high or too-low temperatures can also make a battery dead.

Can a Battery be Dead if Unused?

Batteries drain even if they are not used. A fully charged battery can become dead if it remains unused for a month. 


Reviving a dead battery can save you time money, and can provide you more fun. However, make sure you have revived it properly. Follow the instructions above and revive your dead battery. But make sure you are using the compatible fuse holder and replacement battery. Before putting a new battery in the power wheel, charge the battery at full.