What Features Should I Look for in a Power Wheels Over 100 LBS?

Look for the weight capacity, durability, non-slip grips, safety, battery, and motor power when searching for the best power wheels over 100 lbs.

A power wheel can be a wonderful toy for your kids over 100 lbs. Such kids can be up to 8 years old; at this age, they love thrill and fun. There can be no better toy for them than power wheels. They also learn to drive vehicles and deal with challenges.

Top FeaturesSopbost 24V Ride On Car ELEMARA 2 Seater XL Ride On CarANPABO 24V 4WD Ride on Car
Motor4x 35W4x45W4x35W
Control ModeDual controlDual controlDual control
Mximum speed5 mph4mph4.5 mph

Melissa Roberts used Sopbost 24V Ride On Car and loved its awesome features. Another user, Gothica, tried ELEMARA 2 Seater XL Ride On Car and pleased with its performance. Steve Lucas bought ANPABO 24V 4WD Ride on Car and found its excellent quality vehicle.

The Best Power Wheels for Over 100 Pounds

You may find many power wheels in the market suitable for kids over 100 lbs. But it takes time to find the best one until you try them. But here we have sorted 3 reliable power wheels for over 100 lbs that make you happy.

1. Sopbost 110lbs 24v Ride On Truck

Melissa Roberts:

Sopbost 24V Ride On Car
  • 4-point seatbelt for child safety
  • Spacious 19” seat for comfortable sitting
  • EVA rubber tires ensure durability
  • 24 V battery and 4, 35W motors
  • It offers multiple colors choice

Melissa Roberts found the Sopbost 24V Ride on car an excellent choice for her child. She said it is perfect for those looking for power wheels for over 100 lbs. 

This 24V 4×4 single seater kids UTV is equipped with 4x 35W motors and EVA rubber tires that make it easy to tackle different paths. The switching options between 2-wheel- and 4-wheel drive are excellent for catering to various driving needs.

One feature that makes it a different vehicle from others is its dual driving modes. With its 2.4 GHz parental remote control, kids can drive the vehicle manually, and parents can also control their ride. It prevents your kids from serious injuries.

This mini vehicle has exceptional safety features. Its key start, double lockable doors, powerful four-wheel drive, and adjustable seatbelts make it a safer vehicle. Its high chassis design with EVA rubber tires keeps your child safer on rough terrains.

Its music play with multiple device connections feature lets you connect your mobile to play your kid’s favorite songs. Its 5mph speed can make your child ride more thrilling. 


  • Powerful motors ensure a thrilling ride
  • Faster charging reduces charging time
  • Durable construction for maximum weight-carrying
  • Suitable for all types of terrains


  • Needs proper supervision while kids driving
  • Needs parent’s assistance for connecting devices

    2. ELEMARA 2 Seater 12V Battery Powered XL Ride On Car for Kids


    ELEMARA 2 Seater XL Ride On Car
    • Soft start after 2 seconds for safety
    • Spacious 2 seats to accommodate two children
    • 3 Speeds 2.4, 2.8, and 4 mph
    • Durable metal body 200 impact tests
    • Multiple colors available for choice

    Gothica liked ELEMARA 2 Seater XL Ride On Car for heavy kids. Its metallic body may prove it a good vehicle for a weight capacity of 100 lbs. Two kids can enjoy the ride safely and comfortably.

    The vehicle has a 12V 10 ah battery and 4X45W powerful motors, making it a consistent performer on all terrains. Your kids can choose the speed options from 2.4 to 4 mph according to their driving skills.

    Its easy operating mechanism makes every kid confident to handle its different functions. With hare and turtle buttons, they can adjust the speed. The steering mechanism also makes it simple to turn on the tight spaces. 

    Safety and aesthetics go hand in hand with this ride-on car. It features two headlights and two colored tail lights, making spotting your kids at night simple.

    The ELEMARA car doesn’t just look cool it’s built tough. Two large springs at the back ensure a smooth ride on sloping or rough terrain. Its durable metal body and sides have endured over 200 impact tests, ensuring long-lasting durability.

    The included music and Bluetooth connectivity allow kids to enjoy their favorite tunes while on the go. Its dual driving control lets the kids drive manually, or parents control their rides remotely.


    • Powerful 4-drive system for multiple terrains
    • Headlights, horns, and music add fun
    • 2-year warranty cover for parts replacement
    • Durable material makes it long-lasting


    • Only 20-meter limited remote control distance 
    • Remote and manual control may not work simultaneously

    3. ANPABO 110 LBs Weight Ride on Car with Parental Remote Control

    Steve Lucas:

    ANPABO 24V 4WD Ride on Car
    • Multiple speed modes for thrilling rides.
    • 14” larger wheels ensure traction on all-terrain.
    • 24V powerful motor and 4x35W motors
    • Multiple colors to choose from
    • Shock absorbers ensure smooth ride

    Steve Lucas said ANPABO 24V 4WD Ride on car is the best power wheels for over 100 lbs. This vehicle is equipped with features that can easily conquer various terrains. 

    Its spacious 19-inch seat can accommodate children aged 3-8 years or two small toddlers. The adjustable 5-point seat belt ensures safety. You can rely on the remote control’s emergency braking function, making it safe for young kids.

    This mini-car offers dual driving modes. Parents can use the remote control to turn, brake, and control their kids, vehicle speed. While the kids can also operate it manually using its foot pedal and steering wheel. 

    It comes with added safety features. Its 4 anti-skid wheels with a spring suspension ensure smooth rides. Furthermore, key-start and soft start, along with lockable doors, make it safer during the ride.

    The car’s clear operation panel, music player, realistic foot pedal, horn, engine sound, and LED lights give a natural feel. The addition of a storage compartment at the back allows kids to bring their favorite toys or snacks along for the ride.


    • Compatible with multiple terrains
    • The easy operational mechanism for safety
    • Multiple accessories to ensure more fun
    • Dual control mode makes it safer


    • Needs supervision for the ride
    • Powerful battery takes long hours to charge


      Choosing the best Power Wheels Over 100 lbs depends on your preferences and budget. You can choose any according to your likeness.

      We suggest you go for the Sopbost 24V Ride on car. It has excellent safety features, a spacious seat, durable construction, and an easy operating mechanism. Your experience with this vehicle may be excellent.