A Guide on Modifying Power Wheels Gearboxes for Thrilling Adventures

Power Wheels is one of the best toys for kids to ensure thrilling adventures. Power wheels vehicles last for years. So, over time, a vehicle may become less charming for growing kids due to slow speed. Modifying power wheels gearboxes can give your power wheels a new life and excitement. But it is not a piece of cake; you must follow the correct instructions to ensure a perfect modification. Stay tuned and learn about power wheels gearbox modification.

Modifying Power Wheels Gearbox- Step-by-Step Process

Modifying Power Wheels Gearbox- Step-by-Step Process

Below are the instructions you should ensure when modifying your Power Wheels gearboxes.

1. Identify your Gearbox Type

All gearboxes do not have the same specification, so before modification, check your gearbox specification and type. Check the gearbox motor; Power gearboxes come with 550 or 775 motors. 550 motors are good, but 775 are considered more robust and more consistent in performance.

2. Choose a Motor for the Gearbox

Choose a Motor for the Gearbox

If your gearbox motor needs an upgrade, choose the 775 motor. You can choose any of the compatible 775 motors. But if you want a reliable motor, I recommend the Traxxas Titan 775 motor for your power wheels gearbox upgrade. It is an excellent and recommended option. It costs you around 40$.

3. Match the Pinion Gears

When you modify the motor pinion, gears also need modification. Match the pinion gears to the motor and ensure they are compatible. Usually, the power wheels use press-on pinion gears. For instance, if you have a 16-tooth gearbox, pair it with a 16-tooth pinion for optimal performance.

4. Choose the Gearbox

Choose the Gearbox

You will also need a new gearbox for compatibility with the new 775 motor. While choosing the gearbox, make sure you are choosing the right one. Some gearboxes are not suitable for the modification. If you see a gearbox with clips on its sides and a flat motor mounting face, leave it. These gearboxes cannot be modified. Only choose a modification compatible gearbox.

5. Drill for Motor Mounting

Once you have picked the motor and gearbox, take a drill machine and drill the holes according to the 775 motor. Drill the holes carefully to ensure a secure motor attachment.

6. Mount the Motor

Mount the Motor

Mount the motor on the new gearbox and disassemble the previous one. Lubricate and then mount the new gearbox. Do not forget to lubricate; it helps reduce friction and heat buildup. 

7. Monitor Temperature

Once the gearbox is modified, monitor the temperature. If there is excessive heat, installing a cooling fan to keep the temperature at a moderate level is better.


What Is The Significance Of Choosing The Right Gearbox?

Choosing the right gearbox is crucial when modifying Power Wheels. A right gearbox can handle the increased voltage and speed without wearing out too quickly.

Why Should You Upgrade The Power Wheel Motor?

Upgrading the motors to 775 motors provides improved responsiveness and speed. Modifying to a powerful motor ensures a faster and more consistent ride with less wear and tear.

Why Should You Upgrade The Power Wheel Motor


Modifying Power Wheels gearboxes can be thrilling, but it requires careful planning and the right components. You can enhance the performance by choosing the right gearbox, upgrading the motors, and selecting the correct pinion gear. Remember to stay within reasonable voltage limits to preserve the life of your gearbox.