Tricycles for 2 Year Olds: A Comprehensive Review of Top Models

In choosing the most suitable mode of transportation for a two-year-old child, the decision can be both exciting and challenging for parents. One option that often comes to mind is a tricycle. But do you think a tricycle is a good choice for a child of 2 years old? 

Indeed, a tricycle with a good ride can make your 2 years old happy enough. However, before shopping, you should pick top tricycles for two-year-olds.

The best tricycle for 2 year olds has a good age limit, so the kid can use it for longer. Besides, it should have different riding modes, assisting the baby in different learning stages. Other helpful features include a push handle, adjustable seat, and foldability.

Based on these criteria, there are several top-rated tricycles available for 2-year-olds. After comparing them with each other, I have picked the top 5 tricycles for 2-year-olds. Today, I will discuss all of them in detail.

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Can A 2 Year Old Ride A Tricycle?

Yes. Age 2 can be the perfect time to give your child a tricycle, as they have enough balance and strength to ride a tricycle by this time.

Some of you may be confused about whether it’s the right time to give your children a tricycle. While some parents give tricycles to their babies on their 1st birthday, others prefer doing it after 36 months. But it’s too early for one-year-olds and late for three-year-olds.

Instead, I prefer giving toddlers tricycles at the age of two. To ride a tricycle, the toddler needs to have enough balance, strength, and coordination skills. At the age of 2, toddlers usually have all these abilities.

In fact, some of the babies are ready to ride tricycles at the age of 15 or 18 months. If your baby is still not two years old, you can have a look at the best tricycle for 18 month old (anchor).

But if your little champ is already two years old, don’t wait anymore and get him a fantastic tricycle ASAP.

Choosing The Best Tricycle For 2 Year Old’s: Our Top Picks And Insights

It is essential to select the best tricycle for a 2 year old that fits their needs and is safe for them. You need to look at the detailed features to understand whether the tricycle bike for a 2 years old is suitable.

It can be pretty stressful to check the features of hundreds of tricycles and pick the best one. Hence, I have done in-depth research and compared them with each other to find the top five tricycles for 2 year old kids.

1. Fisher Price Tricycle for 2 Year Olds with Handlebar Grips

  • Available styles: Barbie, Barbie – It Takes Two, Blaze, Harley – Davidson, Hot Wheels, Thomas.
  • Max. weight capacity: 55 lbs./25 kg
  • Recommended age limit: 2 – 5 years

The Fisher Price tricycles for 2 year olds come in some cool styles that kids will definitely love. The Harley Davidson style is one of the best tricycle for 2 year old boy. At the same time, the Barbie-style tricycle will best fit your daughter.

Fisher Price is well known for manufacturing high-quality rides for kids. This fisher-price tricycle for 2 year-olds is also no different. It has wide tires that make the base stable and safe to ride.

Moreover, the handles are easy to grip for toddlers, and there is a secret storage underneath the seat too. Overall, it’s one of the best tricycle for 2-5 year olds for improving their muscle and leg strength and balance skills.


  • Its lightweight design makes it easier to maneuver
  • The construction materials are sturdy, which makes the tricycle durable
  • Easy to put together


  • The seat does not lock properly and keeps popping up in some units

2. Besrey 5 in 1 Tricycle for Two Year Old’s & Removable Pedals

  • Available colors: Black, Blue, Green, Light Green, Pink, Red, White, Yellow.
  • Max. weight capacity: 55 lbs./25 kg
  • Recommended age limit: 10 months to 4 years

The Besrey tricycles for 2-year-olds have multiple modes, including balance bike, baby walker, and tricycle, which is their best feature. Whether your toddler is only learning to walk or ready to ride, this one can be the perfect choice.

One of the key features that distinguish Besrey from Fisher price is that this one has an option to get a push handle. It is helpful when your baby does not have enough navigation skills. Depending on your needs, you can purchase the 2-year-old baby tricycle with or without the parent handlebar.

It has various safety features, such as a clutch lock to let you take control of the ride while your toddler practices pedaling. The tricycle also comes in various colors that suit both boys and girls. The Besrey can also be the best tricycle for 3-4 year old.


  • Retractable wheels help develop balance skills in different modes
  • Adjustable features make it suitable for all learning stages
  • The push handle height can be adjusted, making it easier to control for parents


  • The assembling instructions are poor

3. Newyoo Adjustable Seat & Pedals Tricycle 2 Year Old

  • Available color: Black, Blue, Grey, Dark Grey, Pink, and white
  • Recommended age limit: 1-3 years

The tricycle for a 2 year old from Newyoo can be another great option for its adjustable features, such as a removable pedal and adjustable seat & handlebar. It also has a parental handlebar like the previous one. These adjustable features also make it a good tricycle for short 2 year old.

However, unlike Besrey and Fisher Price, the Newyoo 2 year old toddler tricycle has a backrest pad and a detachable safety seat belt. If your kid is smaller and does not have good balance skills, this feature can be quite helpful.

Although it is a safer option, I am keeping this number two because it is suitable for children only under one to three. But the previous two are good for kids up to age five.


  • The pedals and wheels move smoothly, giving a comfortable riding experience
  • An adjustable seat allows toddlers of different heights to sit and ride with maximum comfort
  • It’s foldable, which makes it easy to store


  • The handlebar is slightly smaller and can cause discomfort to some

4. XJD 5 in 1 Tricycle for Kid 2 Year Old with Adjustable Seat Height

  • Available color: Black, Blue, Classic Blue, Green, Pink, Classic Pink, White, Classic White
  • Recommended age limit: 10 months to 4 years

If you are looking for a classic tricycle 2 year old, then the XJD 5 in 1 Kids Tricycles can be the best option. All the colors except black and pink have a normal and classic design that looks cool.

The difference between the normal and classic designs is that the classic version is slightly bigger and has more colors on it. Besides, the back of the seat is slightly elevated in the classic version, with a hole that can be used for picking it up.

However, when you look at the Besrey and XJD tricycles for 2 years child side by side, they look pretty much the same. If you need a push handle, then Besrey is the better option, or else you can go for XJD.


  • Lightweight but sturdy materials for excellent durability
  • Multiple modes that are suitable for children of different ages
  • PU leather seat is comfortable for sitting


  • The seat is slightly difficult to adjust

5. SmarTrike Breeze Multi Stage Tricycle for 2 Year Old

  • Available color: Blue, Fire Red, Pink, Multicolor
  • Recommended age limit: 15 to 36 months

The smarTrike breeze is a fantastic baby tricycle for 2 year old because of its attractive styles and safety features. You can use it as a push bike for younger babies and as a tricycle for older children.

It has a 38-inch parent handle and seatbelt for safety, similar to the Newyoo bike tricycle for 2 year old. However, it also has a safety bar around the seat that no other tricycles on this list have.

Not to mention, it includes a storage box on the back to keep your baby’s toys. If you are looking for the best push tricycle for 2 year old, then smarTrike Breeze is a perfect choice.


  • The bike glides and turns smoothly to give the best riding experience
  • The steering wheel lock prevents accidents and ensures safety
  • The instructions in the manual are easy to understand


  • It feels a little bit flimsy and less durable

Best Tricycles For 2 Year Old: Quick Chart

If you are in a hurry and do not have the time to read a full review, here’s a brief comparison chart on the best tricycles for 2 year olds:

TricycleAge LimitMultiple Riding ModesPush HandleAdjustable Seat
Fisher Price tricycle for 2 year olds2-5 yearsN/AN/AN/A
Besrey tricycle for two year olds10 months – 4 yearsYesYesYes
Newyoo tricycle 2 year old1-3 yearsYesYesYes
XJD 5 in 1 tricycle for kid 2 year old10 months – 4 yearsYesYesYes
smarTrike breeze tricycle for 2 year old15 months – 3 yearsYesYesN/A

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Buying Tricycles For Two Year Old’s

Factors To Consider Before Buying Tricycles For Two Year Old's

A lot of factors must be considered before buying a tricycle to ensure you make the right choice. I have checked all of them and made the list above.

But still, it can be confusing for you to pick one option from the list. To make the right choice, you can consider the following factors before buying the best tricycle for 2 year olds:

1. Age Limit

Although you want to buy the tricycle for two year old, you still need to consider the age limit. You should buy one that your kid can ride for at least 1 to 2 years. Hence, try looking for a tricycle that has an age maximum limit of at least 3 to 5 years.

2. Versatility

As your toddler grows, they need to ride in different styles. If he is younger than two years and does not know how to ride, then you should get the best toddler tricycle with push handle (anchor). But when they grow up, the push handle won’t be necessary. Therefore, it’s best to get a tricycle that supports multiple riding modes.

3. Safety Features

Whenever I buy something for my child, safety is my top priority. Unless your children have used a balance bike before and can ride tricycles independently, you also should look for safety features. Seat belts, pedal or wheel locks, and parent control handles are some features to look for.

4. Adjustability

Children grow faster at an earlier age. Hence, the tricycle should have an adjustable seat to match the height of the toddler. In addition, a parent handle that is adjustable is useful for parents.

5. Maneuverability

Try picking a tricycle that has smooth wheels and steering so that the rider can control the ride better. It will make their driving experience better.

6. Build quality

Toddlers are masters at breaking their toys. Hence, you must ensure the tricycle is made of sturdy material and is long-lasting.

7. Portability

As a parent, you will need to carry the tricycle sometime. Try to ensure it is lightweight. If the tricycle has foldable features, then it is better.

8. Style/Color Availability

Children today are very picky. To ensure they like their ride, find a tricycle model that has multiple styles and color options. Then you can ask them which one they like. Playing with their friends on a cool-looking tricycle will also boost their confidence and keep them happy.

9. Assembly Instructions

It may not affect your child, but poor assembly instructions can be frustrating if you haven’t assembled before. Try reading the reviews to ensure the tricycle comes with a good assembly guide.

These are some of the factors you should consider before buying a tricycle for your little champ. Based on this metric, I have made the above list of the best toddler tricycle for 2 year old. Hence, you do not need to go anywhere else, and you can pick one from the list.

How To Teach 2 Year Old To Ride Tricycle?

First, ensure your child sits comfortably on the seat with his feet touching the ground. Then teach how to hold the handlebars and pedal the tricycle. Hold the tricycle for him at first while he learns to ride it on his own, then gradually let him go.

What Size Tricycle For 2 Year Old?

The tricycle should be the right size for a two-year-old. It can vary from child to child. Check the seat height to ensure that it fits your kid. It’s best to get a tricycle with adjustable features so that it can fit kids of different heights.

Can A Two Year Old Play On A Tricycle?

Yes. A tricycle can be best for playing with a two-year-old. For babies younger than 2 years, I recommend the best push tricycle (anchor). It allows the parents to control the ride and ensure maximum safety.

Where To Buy Tricycle For 2 Year Old?

You can buy tricycles for 2-year-olds from different online stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, and more. Additionally, you can go to your neighborhood baby boutiques or toy stores.

Conclusion: Which Tricycle Is Best For 2 Year Old?

Lastly, which one is the best tricycle for your 2 year old kid? If your toddler can ride independently, then the Fisher Price tricycle can be the best choice. It also has attractive designs compared to others on the list, and kids up to age 5 can ride it.

However, if you want a push handle and safety features such as seat belts, then I recommend the Newyoo Tricycles. You will find it to be very comfortable because it has both features and an adjustable parent handle.