The 3 Best 4×4 Power Wheels for Adventure-Seeking Kids

Power wheels can be an excellent surprise birthday gift for your kids. But if you have kids above 5, you will need adventure-friendly power wheels that ensure great fun. They need more powerful and faster power wheels to enjoy a thrilling ride. 

Choosing the best power wheel for adventure-seeking kids needs more research. It may take a lot of time, but no worries, we will help you choose the best power wheels for 4×4 for your kids. Read and explore the favorite one for you.

Kids who Love Adventure will Adore These Top three 4×4 Power Wheels

Here, we have listed the 3 best 4×4 power wheels that will ensure a powerful ride and unlimited fun. Explore their features and choose the one that suits your needs.

1. Sopbost 24V 4WD Electric car for 4×4 power wheels

Sopbost 24V 4WD Electric car for 4x4 power wheels
  • The speed is up to 5mph
  • It has 24V powerful battery 
  • 35W motors make the car drive faster
  • Two control modes, manual and remote
  • It comes with phone connectable and built-in music

Sopbost 24V 4WD Electric car with 4×4 power wheels is designed for kids aged 3-8. Its 4pcs 35W drive motor and rubber tires wheels ensure an easy ride on all terrains. It allows your kids to switch between the 2 or 4-wheel drive according to their skills.

The ride-on car allows parents to control their kids’ ride using a 2.4 GHz remote. However, if your kids are good at riding skills, they can enjoy manual driving. Two driving modes enhance safety and prevent your kids from serious accidents. 

Its 24 volts battery and 35W motor ensure powerful driving ability and long run time. The mini vehicle has a soft start function to make it safer and prevent sudden starting shocks. 2-speed modes let the young speedster run at 5 mph in forward mode. 

The power wheels 4×4 come with a 4-point seatbelt that provides better protection for your kid without compromising on comfort. Its 19″ horizontal width provides enough space for the seat. The wider seat suits kids aged 3-8; if you have 2 younger children, they can easily enjoy the ride.

Its music play allows device connection features to connect your devices to the car to play your kid’s favorite music. You can play music, stories, or tunes your kids love to listen to. 

The vehicle has 1 pair of bright headlights and taillight to ensure fun and drive at night. Its 4EVA tires and shock absorbers ensure great comfort, especially when driving on a bumpy path.


  • Can enjoy riding at night
  • Ensures smooth ride on multiple paths
  • High-quality battery ensures fast charging
  • Stable voltage delivers consistent performance


  • Remote control may not work well if driving at faster speed
  • Too many parts may confuse while assembling

2. ANPABO 4×4 power wheels truck with remote Control

ANPABO 4x4 power wheels truck with remote Control
  • Its remote control has 3-speed mode options
  • 19” wider seat for comfortable seating
  • It has anti-skid wheels and spring suspension system
  • Comes with 2 twelve volt batteries and 4*35W motors 
  • Available in 4 attractive colors

The ANPABO 4×4 power wheels truck with remote control is an excellent power wheel offering an exhilarating driving experience. Its impressive features make it the best mini car for hours of safe and exciting fun.

Its safety features make it a unique power wheel among its competitors. The remote control lets the parents control their kid’s ride in emergencies. Four anti-skid wheels with an advanced spring suspension ensure a smooth ride. 

One of its best features is the 4WD/2WD switching mode you can switch to 4WD when driving on rough paths. While its 2WD mode enables your kids to enjoy long hours on a flat road. Furthermore, its 35W motors and 24 V battery offer a powerful riding ability.

This ride on 4×4 car comes with an easy driving mechanism. Its friendly operational panel and simple steering wheel control make it easy to drive and control. The key-start and soft-start design ensures a comfortable and safe start for young drivers. 

Its built-in music system lets you enjoy preset tunes and connects to your mobile phones or USB devices. Your children can enjoy their favorite music while on the go. Its realistic features such as horn, engine sound, LED lights, and touch foot pedal give a real-like feel.

This 4×4 power wheel with remote is constructed with quality PP material that ensures durability. There is a storage compartment at the back to store the toys or snacks while driving.


  • Emergency brake for safety
  • Low battery warning light
  • A soft starting mechanism
  • Storage space for carrying toys


  • Assembly may take a long time
  • Not recommended for kids under 3

3. Sopbost Parent Remote Control 4×4 Power Wheels Truck

Sopbost Parent Remote Control 4x4 Power Wheels Truck
  • Speed range 1.9-2.6 mph
  • 4 motors and one 12V 7Ah battery
  • Weight capacity is 66.13lb
  • 2 driving modes manual and parental
  • Made of a non-chipping durable plastic 

The Sopbost Paremt remote control 4×4 Power wheels truck is a perfect ride-on car for kids aged 3-5. Its sleek and attractive design makes it an ideal gift for Christmas, birthdays, and festivals.

This 4×4 power wheels truck is equipped with advanced safety features. Its non-toxic, durable material with an iron body with rounded edges ensures a safe riding experience. The seats have a secure belt to hold the kids firmly when driving. 

Its wear-resistant high-traction wheels and smooth start accelerating ensure a stable drive. The powerful motors and 12V 7 Ah battery enable your kids to drive smoothly on various paths. 

The vehicle comes with a dual driving manual and parent control modes. The kids can enjoy manual driving using the steering wheel and foot pedal at two adjustable speed modes. In emergencies, parents can control their vehicle via remote control.

This 4×4 remote control power wheels includes the children’s songs and stories with device connection features to enjoy their favorite music. It lets you connect the devices via a USB or wireless connection.


  • Coor LED headlights make realistic
  • Realistic steering wheel for a safe ride
  • Shock absorber for a smooth ride
  • Excellent load carrying capacity


  • Assembly may take longer time
  • Fast speed needs supervision while playing


Now you are in a better position to decide on choosing the best power wheels for 4×4. All of the above are equipped with excellent features that will make your kids smile.

If you take our suggestion, we recommend a Sopbost 24V 4WD Electric car with 4×4 power wheels for you. It comes with excellent features that make it the good vehicle for growing kids.